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What is a highlights trailer?

Do you know when you go the cinema to watch a movie and they play those short, action packed trailers before the film? It’s just like that. It gives you a taster of what to expect and is a great way to share your big day with your friends and family all over again.

How long will the ‘Feature Film’ be?

Your feature film can be anything from 40-120 minutes. It all depends on the length of your ceremony, speeches and evening reception.

How long do we need to wait to see our wedding video?

We will upload a highlights trailer within 14 days of your wedding day. The full feature will be yours within 8-12 weeks from the wedding day.

Can we share the highlights trailer on FaceBook?

Of course. The more the merrier. All that we ask is that you drop our name in the description and credit us.

We want you to film our wedding, but we are far away. What do we do?

No problem. We look great in sunglasses and love to travel.

However, we do ask that if you are in the United Kingdom and beyond a 30 mile radius of Liverpool that a 50p per mile charge be required to cover expenses.

If you’re a little further a field and over a 2 hour drive away from Liverpool, we may require a room for 1-2 nights.

Do you cover destination weddings?

We sure do. We’ve filmed throughout Europe and beyond, so get in touch today for our destination wedding brochure.


If you have any other questions then contact us on the form below.

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